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Handing the politician of the privacy over to us information behind the help of this website and/or creating his account at us, the user is accepting procedures described in this Declaration of the protection of personal data.


This Declaration of the protection of personal data is pointing: - what kind of the information we are collecting online from the user. - what way we are processing the information in. - of information protecting Kinds of procedures against loss, the misapplication or the change being under our control. - what way users can correct all inaccuracies concerning their personal details in.


Registration of the User

This shop window enables the registration in order to get the user account. Owning the account is giving the possibility of the preview of individual prices (individual discount) like also possibility of getting the information about novelties turning up at the shop. After making a decision about establishing the account we will demand the twofold kind of the information: delivered obligatorily and delivered voluntarily. Information which we can require or which we can ask, for are embracing at least the surname, the address, a telephone number, a fax number, the e-mail address, the password and confirming the password. This information is being collected on the form of the registration for many reasons, also to the purpose: (1) of personal identification; (2) of receiving data needed for issuing an invoice (3) possibilities of getting in touch with you by the customer service department, if such a need will arise; (4) of better adapting the contents of a website for your needs; and in the destination (5) of analysis and improving services offered on our website. Moreover, your e-mail address is needed in order to send you the e-mail message with confirming registering your account and every order which you are making with the mode online. In order to test the effectiveness of our e-mail communication, we can put technical solutions which provide with sending the confirmation, when you are opening one of our e-mail messages. As the user, from time to time you will receive messages from us about interesting special offers, worth new products and different novelties.

According to the Act being in effect in Poland from the day of 29 August 1997 about the protection of personal data you have the right the yr for correcting of one's personal details (with the help of the form of the change given available in the service after log on) and for demanding removing it data.   Cookies files Cookies Files are small kept in your computer, connected with your data particles of the information. We are using both cookies of type ID badge of the session (temporary) which are disappearing after closing your browser, as well as constants cookies which are being given shelter on your hard disk.

There are a few reasons, for which we are using cookies. To the example, the thanks cookies you must not write your login name down each time, when you want to log on and therefore he is enough only to enter the password in order to gain access to the system. They let us track Cookies and to distinguish interests of our users in order to improve the service on our website. The majority of Internet browsers automatically is accepting cookies, but if you prefer, you can change the option of port of the browser this way in order in the future to block it. If you will make up your mind blocking cookies, still you will be able to use from our website, however with the limited access to certain areas.

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