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K%M Technology - pneumatyka, hydraulika, automatyka

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We are a company selling elements and air, hydraulic devices electronic, of industrial automation.

firma K&M Technology

We offer products at very attractive prices and lightning delivery.  In our offer we have a wide assortment of elements of the pneumatics: servomotors for different zastosowań, made of aluminium, stainless steel, plastics, solenoid valves intended to the work at low and very high temperatures at the high and low pressure the contact with food and caustic substances, technical gasses. A large range will connect and of powering tensions.

biuro K&M Technology

To order we also make solenoid valves and special servomotors adapted for needs of the customer. Moreover in stock we have the rich range fast-connectored air, plumbing, of pneumatic tools, elements of both devices of preparing air, compressors of grippers and manipulators.    
Companies are our customers of, textile, furniture, fuel, textile mining industry, plastics, agricultural, gardening, machine, wholesale companies, shops and production plants. We offer not only comprehensive supplies of essential material positions, but also concrete solutions for the most requiring needs.

Our technical staff having long-standing experience at work at services of keeping the movement of big shoots offers the wide professional technical assistance and the consultancy.  We have products of known Abac companies, ACL, Automation the System, Coax, the Vat, YPS, Janatics, almost, Pneumax, Sumake.     We offer the large range of products in a price wide range. We ask for the light switch and our advisers in the short time will present the offer.  

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K&M Technology

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